In about two weeks it will be Christmas!  Here at LoneStar BioGas, we are busy getting things started on the right foot.  We are closing out 2019 as our first almost year of being a nonprofit.  Our first day of existence came at a critical time in our personal lives.  We were expecting our second grandchild, who had been trying to make early appearances for most of the summer.  TJ was born August 1st, went home, turned around to go back to the ER for  jaundice.  She had another hospital stay for a few days then came home where I got to be mimi for about a week.  While I was being Mimi, I was also learning the ropes of being the president of a nonprofit and learning what I need to know about getting us registered with the IRS for our 501 (c) 3 status.

Sooo much!  We have an ongoing fund raiser to help us go pick up a set of anaerobic digester molds so that we can start setting up builds and classes for the spring and summer.  (Please go to our sponsor page and check out/ donate/share our fund raiser!) We are also developing several online courses that will give those that are interested a general idea of what anaerobic digesters are and how anaerobic  digester byproducts work.

We have very exciting developments that will rock the world of  biogas that will be  announced in the spring! As we get closer to our reveal, we may have sneak peeks at what John and Jeff are working on in our Research and Development department.   

Don’t forget to visit our Face Book page where questions are welcome and conversation is encouraged.  Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from all of us at LoneStar BioGas! 


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