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Instead of buying chemical fertilizers and fossil fuel to cook with, we can take organic waste-food scraps, paper, lawn clippings, pet waste, etc. and make our OWN organic fertilizer, plus Biogas fuel.
We are currently getting several builds ready to go on our calendar.  Right now our biggest need for these builds are the molds.  We can purchase a set of molds that are located in the  U.S. at a better price than we can order from China.  If you would like to help us purchase these molds, please donate using the link below.
We have purchased the molds!  We now own one of three sets of molds currently in the US.  This fundraiser has been closed.


Events and Workshops

Starting in the spring, we will be holding workshops and special events that will be posted here and in our newsletter!  As we get closer to February, the “Get Started” button will carry you to the sign up page where you will be able to register for upcoming workshops, events, and volunteer builds.

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Check back!  Very cool Biogas T-shirts coming soon!