We are officially a true nonprofit!  When we first started looking up how to form a nonprofit, my anxiety levels started climbing.  The ads on Google make it sound incredibly hard and very expensive.  Very expensive.  Don’t believe them.  Take a deep breath and start researching what your state requires you to do. Take one step at a time.  Ask questions if you’re not sure.  (No shame in that game.  You need clarification? Get it.) 

We will have a page that we will keep a list of  needs and wants (you know “it would be nice if we had….” list) with total cost of each item.  We will have it set up so that you can donate whatever amount you wish and let us know if you would like to take it off of your income tax.  If you donate the full amount of said item or donate the item, your name and/or business name will be placed on the sponsors page and we will sing your praises!  A little free advertising and recognition is a good thing, yes? 

So onward to great things!  

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